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   Select 5 primary research articles published in peer reviewed journals. These should be the articles that you have obtained from your literature search. Write a simple sentence for each article to demonstrate your knowledge of formatting in-text citations using APA guidelines. Then provide an APA-formatted reference list for the 5 articles. 


                              GRADING RUBRIC

       APA Assignment grading Rubric APA Assignment grading Rubric % Total 5 in-text citations formatted using current APA guidelines 10% for each correctly cited in-text citation 50% Reference list of 5 articles formatted using current APA guidelines 10% for each correctly cited reference list 50% Grand total 100% 

Bright (2018) states that social support can be provided via mobile phone text messages to improve medication adherence in individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness.

The most important themes of the study included providing information, providing reassurance, demonstrating proficiency, and being present (Weyant et al., 2017).


Bright, C.E. (2018). Integrative review of mobile phone contacts and medication adherence in severe mental illness. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 24(3), 209-222.

Weyant, R.A., Clukey, L., Roberts, M., & Henderson, A. (2017). Show your stuff and watch your tone: Nurses’ caring behaviors. American Journal of Critical Care, 26(2), 111-117.

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