Response- 4 1 Lord · 3 · 4 · 5 Workforce diversity enhances organizational performance because it allows for the company to mirror the community to

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Workforce diversity enhances organizational performance because it allows for the company to mirror the community to provide understanding, cultural competence, and a safe environment for all people. For example, if a community has a lot of people who speak English as a second language then the healthcare organization should diversify their staff to make sure to have people who can speak other languages fluently (Fottler & Fried, 2008, pg.151). This can help improve workforce performance by allowing the patients to feel understood in the facility and in turn being able to provide the quality of care needed to the patient. Another example of this is African-American patients preferring African-American staff in some communities (Fottler & Fried, 2008, pg.156). If an organization is diverse enough to have all ethnicities in its facility. Patient preference on staff should not be an issue. By allowing patients to prefer one physician over another, an organization can increase their cultural competence and awareness. This will help the company expand its ideals and provide a safe environment for its patients. Some people don’t feel welcome in a job that only has certain ethnicities and genders in leadership roles (Fottler & Fried, 2008, pg.153). If the people in power are all white males then every other type of person may not feel comfortable talking to them about problems. Therefore, diversity in leadership is important to make everyone feel included and comfortable working for a company. Overall, performance in a company will increase if workforce diversity increases because it will allow the staff and patients to feel comfortable and welcome in the healthcare facility. 

Citation: Fottler, M. D. & Fried, B. J. (2008). Chapter 6: Workforce Diversity. In Human resources in healthcare: Managing for Success (3rd ed., pp. 151–156). essay, Health Administration Press

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A diverse workforce promotes others viewpoints whether they are employees or patients. It promotes inclusivity and creates a safe place for people to work and express their beliefs and opinions. For me, when I was choosing a company out of college, I looked for an organization that had a variety of different ERGs to become associated with. Working for a company that makes you feel inclusive regardless of your background will always allow to give your best day in and day out. You feel that you matter and that you are able to share how you feel and that your opinion will be validated. In the text, we see many positive outcomes on organizational performance in a healthcare setting. When it comes to enhancing organizational performance, you must have a diverse workforce in order to maximize all the services that you are able to provide to patients.  The result of doing this are endless, for example, an organization is able to expand market share by adding or enhancing services that target diverse populations. A patient may feel more trusted when he or she sees someone with whom they share similarities. Secondly, it allows an organization to share linkage with others in the marketplace through recruiting, developing, and retaining employees with diverse backgrounds. You want to make sure that the employees you have feel that the organization they are working with is made up of various individuals with different perspectives. Lastly, it can create and implement workplace policies and management practices that maximize the talent and productivity of employees with diverse backgrounds (Fried,2008, pg. 149).

Fried, B. J. (Ed.). (2008). Human resources in healthcare: Managing for success (3rd ed.). Health Administration Press.

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