Response To Discussion 4 Response discussion 4 100-150 words per response Gabriel When I see the word family, it sends me straight into thinking about t

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Response discussion 4 100-150 words per response


When I see the word family, it sends me straight into thinking about the school I am currently employed with.  We have adopted the idea of creating a family-like atmosphere and even promote it quite often in emails that are sent out, newsletters, or any type of social media posts related to the school by incorporating our school slogan #family.  The most important part of establishing and creating this family-like atmosphere is developing personal relationships with each student inside the classroom as well as influencing them to create and maintain similar relationships with one another.  Being able to communicate effectively is also a key component to establishing a family atmosphere.  Communication allows for both students and teachers to adopt a sense of respect and understanding that we value the opinions and thoughts of our students but also expect a certain level of mutual respect to be shown when, us teachers, are teaching lessons and presenting new material.  This is to be shown by the effort students put forth in their assignments and involvement in each lesson whether it be through participation or asking questions related to the subject matter that they may need to be clarified for better understanding.  Students should also feel that when they are in the classroom, that they can come to the teacher for any issue that may arise and that it will be resolved in the most fitting way.  Students often quarrel, and in these cases it is important that we are able to hear all sides of the story and distribute punishment or disciplinary action accordingly.  Each of these contribute to developing the family-like atmosphere desired inside our classrooms which can certainly improve our student’s ability to comprehend and learn the material that is covered from week to week.

Some practices that I feel are important to facilitate student learning which incorporate assistance from the parents are weekly reports that are signed and returned to the school as well as being open and available to any questions or concerns that parents may have regarding their children.  By keeping in touch and keeping parents informed on student assignments and homework that is to be completed it allows for some assistance to be administered in the home which is vital to student success.  It is my belief that no parent wants his/her child to struggle and if such struggles do occur having parents in the know about assignments and future assessments can allow for us to communicate with them to ensure the child is being properly monitored and prepped throughout the week to achieve his/her potential when assessments are given that test the comprehension levels and understanding of the material being targeted each week.


In your classroom you want it to always feel as if its an environment that will be comfortable for the students to learn and express themselves, you never want it to be a bored feeling because it can cause disruption during the class period. When giving my students my standards for my classroom, one of my standards say treat others how you want to be treated and also respect them. So yes I feel as if my classroom is a family atmosphere classroom. I greet my students at the door whenever they come to class, I talk to them with respect and I don’t talk to them in a way that they will feel down and disrespected because of something that I said, I ask them how are they feeling and allow them time to discuss their feelings still while teaching them.  Some students don’t feel comfortable talking in front of the class so I try to give them topics that will allow them to express themselves in a private way. Most of all I do not tolerate negativity of any kind in my classroom, I don’t allow them to say things such as I can’t or I don’t know how, I tell them to turn those words around because it gives them confidence about their selves when they think no one else does.  Also, I teach my students how to help their peers whenever help is needed and help them to understand the lesson like they understood it. Not all students will learn how or what the teacher is teaching so sometimes students learn from other students because they can explain it in a way that is helpful to them. Not only do I try to get my students in my classroom to have a family atmosphere but we try to get their parents involved as well. Our school has a social media page that lets the parents know everything that going on throughout the school for example, when we have Family Math Night, Doughnuts For Dads, and Muffin for Moms, we make sure that it put on our social media page for the parents to see so we can include them in our learning as well, we also having parent teacher conferences to allow the parents to check on their child and see how well he/she is learning . In conclusion having a family atmosphere classroom is a great way to get everyone involve when it come to the students learning because the students as well as the parents will feel comfortable when in the classroom.


Part 1: Does your classroom have a “family atmosphere”? What are key ingredients that turn a group of students into a family?

Family is not always the people that you are blood related. A family is the people that you lean on when things go wrong and the people that you praise and love when things are good. This is something that I instill in my students because it promotes cooperative and communicative skills among students. Many of us see our spend more time with our students than our own families. Because of that reason alone, it is vital to create a family atmosphere in the classroom. I believe in order to fully be able to teach a child anything, you have to show them that you care about their well being. Creating a family oriented classroom will make students feel comfortable enough to tell you when things are bothering them. They may feel more comfortable with you than their own family. 

 Part II: Examine practices that encourage partnerships with parents and families or caregivers in supporting their children’s education.

In my classroom, I use classdojo. It is a site that allows me to communicate with parents and guardians directly. I can share lessons that I am teaching and the child’s behavior can be monitored. In the beginning of the year, I gave students extra points for getting their parents to connect to the site. 

One thing that my school does has is P-16 council. Last year, I played a big part in getting the council started by recruiting parents to join the council. The is a committee that it ran by the parents and citizens. Once I explained how they will be able to use this platform to better the school, many parents became excited and joined the council. It was a success and is still going strong. 

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