response to peer discussion(robin)week 4 anatomy and physiology2 Instructions: Peer Responses 125 Word Minimum please read all instruction thank you RESEA

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Instructions: Peer Responses 

125 Word Minimum

please read all instruction thank you

RESEARCH (Label this section)

  • Teach the topic to students. Responses must add new      information not previously discussed. Consider new factual information      tied with critical thinking. Share interesting and current research on the      topic.
  • Use APA citations in the post to clarify sources.
  • Do not simply summarize another student’s post and      agree/disagree.
  • Consider starting out posts with, “A research article I found      said,” “Did you know,” or “Three things I found      interesting were… .”

CRITICAL THINKING (Label this section)

  • Pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced.

Robin Sandos 

#26:  Define nutrient vs Macronutrient and list the six major categories of nutrients


Top of Form

Dr. Masucci & fellow students,

#26:  Define nutrient vs Macronutrient and list the six major categories of nutrients


Nutrient “is any ingested chemical that is absorbed into the tissues and used for growth, repair, or maintenance of the body” (Saladin et al, 2021, p. 977).  There are six major categories of nutrients: water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.  Macronutrients are ingested in fairly large amounts.  Examples of macronutrients are water, carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins (Saladin et al, 2021, p. 977).  Water is the major component of our body fluids.  Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body.  Carbs provide immediate fuel and form most stored energy reserves in our body.  Fats help the body make hormones and act as solvents for hormones and essential fat-soluble vitamins.  Fats have the highest caloric content of any macronutrient and deliver the most substantial amount of energy.  Proteins help to give your body the essential amino acids which is crucial for cellular structure.  In the event of intense nutrient depletion, the muscles in the body can be used to provide energy known as muscle atrophy or muscle wasting (RMHP, 2022).

Micronutrients examples are minerals and vitamins that only need small amounts to be ingested (Saladin et al, 2021, p. 977).  There are several nutrients that can be synthesized by the body when they are unobtainable from one’s diet.  However, the body cannot synthesize essential nutrients.  Examples of essential nutrients are minerals, vitamins, nine of the amino acids, and one to three of fatty acids and it is vital that these are contained within in one’s diet (Saladin et al, 2021, p. 977).

Macronutrient (other than water) offer energy that enables the body to grow new cells and tissues, conduct nerve impulses that allow us to sense and interact with our environment, develop and repair new tissues, and regulate vital bodily processes, like fueling muscles, regulating the central nervous system, creating enzymes, eliminating waste, and much more” (RMHP, 2022).


It is important for athletes to know and understand his/her nutritional needs for their said sport and/or competition.  An appropriate diet offers the athlete with enough energy and nutrients to meet the demands of training and exercise.  Athletes usually need more calories and macronutrients to sustain strength and energy to compete at their absolute best for their said sport.  Furthermore, athletes may need more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for peak recovery and performance as well as consider their meal timing and make sure they consume sufficient hydration.

(wc 420)


RMHP. (2022). What are micronutrients and macronutrients – RMHP. WHAT ARE MICRONUTRIENTS AND MACRONUTRIENTS. Retrieved February 25, 2022, from

Saladin, K. S., Gan, C. A., & Cushman, H. N. (2021). Anatomy & Physiology: The unity of form and function. McGraw-Hill Education.

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