Scenario: Supporting Families Of Students With Autism Assignment EDSP 377 Scenario: Supporting Families of Students with Autism Assignment Instructions

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EDSP 377

Scenario: Supporting Families of Students with Autism Assignment Instructions


You are a special education teacher in an early childhood program. One of your students, Brendon, has just been diagnosed with autism. You have had several meetings with Brendon’s parents to learn more about Brendon’s needs and to collaborate on his educational program. Brendon’s parents do not have experience with children with autism, and they seem uncomfortable and embarrassed, blaming themselves for their child’s disability. They need information and support and do not know where or to whom to turn. You will create a resource manual outline to support them.


Conceptualize a resource manual outline geared toward supporting and informing families of children with autism. The manual outline may include information from local/state, national and international organizations, including online resources.

Step 1:
Identify the main components of the manual outline including key areas that address characteristics and supports for students with autism. Each manual outline should address 3 key areas. The final manual outline should include summaries of each key area in which relevant course materials and research are cited. Cite at least 2 resources per area, for a total of 6 resources in your manual outline. Summarize each resource and explain its relevance to the key area. Resources may include local/state, national, and international organizations. Links to organization websites and examples of organization resources are encouraged; however, should be properly cited within the manual and referenced in a separate reference page.

Step 2:
Reflect upon the manual outline creation process. The following considerations should be addressed within the reflection: rationale for the identification of selected key areas, review of the resource research process including resource selection and new learning acquired from the resources, and how you would introduce this outline to families.

The final assignment should:  

· Be at least 3-5 pages, double spaced, including reflection but excluding title page and reference page. 

· Follow all current APA formatting guidelines.  

· Include a minimum of six family-friendly resources that are cited within the assignment and included on the reference page.

· Acceptable resources include information from local, state, national, and international organizations, and online resources.

· Include at least three references and two biblical principles cited within the reflection.   

· Acceptable references include the course text, online resources, and scholarly works no more than five years old. 

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