Statistics Assignemnt Deadline Saturday This assignment basically we propose our hypotheses and come up was random data and analyze it You don’t have to us

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This assignment basically we propose our hypotheses and come up was random data and analyze it You don’t have to use spss You don’t have to use spss The assignment is worth 10% I just need help with the data part Some kind of guidance Cause I have taken statistics in years so I don’t remember it I just need help with 4-8

Guidelines for SPSS Assignment

1) Title

a. Example: The Effect of Exercise on Depression in University Students

2) State your hypothesis

a. Example: University students who exercise twice/week will have lower depression scores.

3) State the materials (Questionnaires) you will be using to investigate your hypothesis

a. Example: The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) will be used to investigate depression. It is a 21-item multiple choice self-report inventory with scores ranging from 0-63. Higher total scores indicate more severe depressive symptoms.

4) Descriptives Section

a. Refer to the participants involved in your study

b. Report the mean ages in your groups and state if the difference between groups in regard to age is different or not depending on your hypothesis and interpretations involving age.

c. Example: 60 York university students between the ages of 18 and 30 participated in the study. 30 students were included in the control group (M = …, SD = …) and 30 students were in the treatment group (M = …, SD = …). An independent samples t-test revealed no significant difference in age between the control and treatment group ( t (59) = …, p =…).

5) SPSS results in APA

6) SPSS tables and graphs

a. Make sure they follow APA guidelines by having titles, defines axes and, error bars.

7) Interpretation of Findings

a. One supported hypothesis

b. One non-supported hypothesis

c. Both written in APA and interpreted in such a way that reflects your hypothesis statement and the general aim of our study.

d. Example: Students in the control group (M = …, SD = …) had significantly higher BDI scores than those in the treatment group (M = …, SD = …) as shown by an independent samples t-test ( t (59) = …, p =…). This finding reveals that university students who exercise twice a week demonstrate lower depression symptoms.

8) Attached SPSS dataset (.sav) and output (.spv)

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