Teso #3 See attached Short Paper #3 Teso Instructions Continue exploring the cultural group you selected in Papers 1 and 2. In Paper 3 you will be expl

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Teso #3 See attached Short Paper #3 Teso


Continue exploring the cultural group you selected in Papers 1 and 2. In Paper 3 you will be exploring language, communication and religion for the same cultural group. Your paper must answer the following:
1. Provide a title to your paper; the title must include the name of the cultural group selected.
2. Research the selected cultural group’s language and communication
    • What language does your selected group speak? What are its origins and how many people speak it? Does it have any dialects within the language?
    • What are some of the customs related to communication in your group? Is there a particular way they greet each other? Any peculiarities in their communication style that are different from your own language?
3. Research religion and religious practices for your selected cultural group.
    • What are the beliefs of your cultural group regarding supernatural forces and beings?
    • Describe at least one religious ritual practiced by your selected group. Explain the ritual and the purpose it is intended to serve. Remember to provide information regarding any gender differences or other relevant information associated with the ritual described.
4. How is the cultural group language, communication and religion changing (or is being changed) through globalization?
5. How can anthropologists work to help this population preserve some of its language and religious practices? Search for information on what anthropologists are doing to help this population regarding the aspects you discussed, and what are the gaps (what is still missing that anthropologists can still work on to meet the needs of this group).

Include citations from the Miller textbook and a minimum of one NEW peer reviewed journal article
within the last 10 years
 (the articles from the previous assignments are not enough). Remember to write in your own words by interpreting what you read and citing the source. Avoid long direct quotes. Avoid plagiarism by always citing your sources.
Short paper format:
All short papers should have a title, an introduction, a conclusion and a References Cited page. All papers in the course must be:
    • 2-4 pages
    • typed
    • doubled spaced
    • font size 12
    • written with proper grammar and syntax
    • in American Sociological Association (ASA) citation and references style.

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