the skeletal muscle complex known as the triad consists of

8) The skeletal muscle complex known as the triad consists of A) actin, myosin, and filaments. B) a transverse tubule and two terminal cisternae. C) filaments, myofibrils, and sarcomeres D) A bands, H bands, and I bands. 9) The muscles used during inhalation (breathing in) are: B) internal intercostals and rectus abdominus C) external intercostals and diaphragm D) rectus abdominus and diaphragm 10) Which of the following statements, regarding muscle fatigue, is true? A) muscle fatigue occurs from an increase in blood pH B) fatigue results from an increased ability of calcium to bind to troponin C) fatigue results from lactic acid production lowering the pH within muscle fibers D) excessive availability of oxygen is the primary cause of muscle fatigue 11) 95% of a muscle fibers ATP is produced: A) in the mitochondria B) by direct phosphorylation C) in the cytoplasm D) anaerobically 12) At rest, the tropomyosin molecule is held in place by: A) actin molecules. B) myosin molecules. C) troponin molecules D) ATP molecules. 13) When a skeletal muscle fiber contracts A) the H bands and I bands get smaller. B) the zones of overlap get smaller. C) the Z lines move further apart D) the width of the A band gets smaller. 14) The area where a motor neuron synapses with a muscle fiber is known as the: A) sarcoplasm. B) zone of overlap. C) neuromuscular junction. D) triad.

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