To Apply Ampere’s Law To Find The Magnetic Field Inside An Infinite Solenoidi In This Problem We Will Apply Ampere’s Law

Part A Learning Goal: Which figure shows the loop that the must be used as the To apply Amperes law to find the magnetic field inside an infinite solenoid. Amperean loop for finding Bin(r) forrinside the solenoid? In this problem we will apply Amperes law, written to calculate the magnetic field inside a very long solenoid (only a relatively short segmentofthe solenoid is shown in the pictures). The segment of the solenoid shown in (Eigure1 has length L, diameter D, and n turns per unit length with each carrying current I. Itis usual to assume that the component of k D the current along the z axis is negligible. This may be assured by winding two layers of closely spaced wires that spiral in opposite directions.) From symmetry considerations it is possible to showthat far from the ends of the solenoid, the magnetic field is axial. Correct Cross section of a segment of the solenoid with n tums per unit length Part B Assume that loop B (in the PartA figure above) has length Lalong k (the z direction) What is the loop integral in Amperes law? Assume that the top end of the loop is very far from the solenoid (even though it may not look like it in the figure), so that the field there is assumed to be small and can be ignored. Express your answer in terms of Bin, L, and other quantities given in the introduction. Submit My Answers Give Up

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