two crates a and b are in an elevator as shownv

2. Two crates, A and B, are in an elevator as shown. The mass of crate A is greater than the mass of crateB a· The elevator moves downward at constant speed. Elevator How does the acceleration of crate A compare to that of crate B? Explain i. Constant speed ii. In the spaces provided below, draw and label separate free-body diagrams for the crates. Free-body diagram for crate A Free-body diagram for crate B ii. Rank the forces on the crates according to magnitude, from largest to smallest. Explain your reasoning, including how you used Newtons second and third laws iv. In the spaces provided at right, draw arrows to indicate the direction of the net force on each crate. If the net force on either crate is zero state so explicitly. Explain. Direction of net force Crate A Crate B Is the magnitude of the net force on crate A greater than, less than, or equal to that on crate B? Explain

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