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Please read each passage below, I need a few sentences in response to each part. Please use at least one source. Please cite the reference(s) properly. Part 1 and 2 can be on the same page, however, please keep them separate by labeling them Part 1 and Part 2. No Title Page 


Which of the topics presented to you thus far in this course has been most difficult to understand? Why?

There is not a topic that has been difficult to understand. It is clear how the role of human resources differs from one organization to another. In a small business, HR is usually a generalist role. Whereas, in larger organizations, HR managers often specialize in one or more functions. For example, training and development, recruiting and talent development, comp and benefits are all separate HR teams at my company. I think the complexities of these roles make HR challenging to grasp in five weeks. The terminology alone with the various laws, regulations, acronyms, functions, theories, methods, systems, and models is challenging to remember when I am not applying it in my current role. I work alongside our HR business partners on various projects and initiatives. However, I do not work in HR, so much of this happens in parallel or behind the scenes. With that said, this information gives me a better understanding of the roles of HR in my organization and how I might better support them.

Which of the topics presented thus far in this course has been most interesting and important to you? Why?

My team acts as advisor and liaison to HR and organizational leadership. We are often called on to perform analysis or data collection to help facilitate initiatives across the organization. HRM functions such as training and talent development are most exciting and essential to me because it helps our organization achieve its goals through people. The aging workforce is transforming our labor market as we try to retain the knowledge and expertise of our luminaries while also appealing to a younger, innovative talent pool. Attraction and recruitment of talent and training and development are parts of the strategic HRM process that I will apply to my job today and in the future, as I pursue my degree in organizational development.

What are your recommendations to make this course better?

As I mentioned above, the complexities of HR roles make it difficult to cover everything in five to six weeks. Topics that I feel were missing might be covered in another course. For example, as we continue to adapt to this 21st-century working environment, the importance of understanding EQ and how to improve these skills is another topic to include. In addition, HRM is more than tasks and functions. However, many organizations do not view HR as strategic partners. We can see the value placed on HR by where they sit in the organizational chart. Learning how to earn a seat at the table for overall business strategy is imperative if we expect to be part of change instead of just responding to it.


Which of the topics presented to you thus far in this course has been most difficult to understand?  Why?

The topic that was difficult for me was the legal concepts.  From an HR lens, the legal side can get very dicey.  And from there it can get even more difficult because different states have different laws in some cases.  As a leader having difficult conversations gets tough because more and more rights are in favor of the employee rather than the employer.

Which of the topics presented thus far in this course has been most interesting and important to you?  Why?

The topic that was most interesting to me was the selection and placement of employees.  As a leader, I have had to hire many teammates over the last 18 months.  This can get difficult because of talent availability and finding the best fit for the role.  This lesson gave me a view of the topic in a more educational manner and something I can use moving forward.

What are your recommendations to make this course better?

The only recommendation I have is the slide presentation assignment seemed difficult for me.  I at times can overthink an assignment so correlating a PowerPoint to a writing style was difficult, yet still needed to ensure I met all the requirements of the assignment.  Could it be possible to provide a few examples slides to guide the assignment?

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