Week 1 Response 386 Breanna Williams According to Langer & Lietz (2014), the strength perspective is based on the idea that all people have strengths and

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Breanna Williams

According to Langer & Lietz (2014), the strength perspective is based on the idea that all people have strengths and have several key concepts that include strengths, resilience, hope, culture, cultural identity, and collaboration. There are two types of strengths that are considered within this perspective, internal and external. Internal strengths that apply to me would be my ability to adapt to changing situations, determination, and ability to remain calm during stressful times. As for external strengths, my main source is my family as they give me the strength to move forward each and every day. The next concept is resilience, which is explained to be the ability to overcome adversity to continue or improve functioning (Langer & Lietz, 2014). As a child growing up, I faced much adversity, coming from a broken home with many family problems such as poverty, drug and substance abuse, and other troubling issues. Throughout my entire adult life, I have remained resilient and continue to prove that I am not a victim of my circumstances. The third concept is hope, which is the belief that there is a possibility of a positive outcome (Langer & Lietz, 2014). Hope is a hard strength to maintain at times, however, I do try to hold on to it. A recent example of hope for me would be the near-death experience my daughter encountered. Though it was a challenging time and there were numerous ups and downs she encountered with her health, I had to hold on to the hope that she was going to get through this as I could not think of the worse case situation. Next, there is culture and cultural identity which includes the beliefs, traditions, and daily activities of a person and how the individual experiences a sense of belonging to a certain group (Langer & Lietz, 2014). My beliefs are that those who do good receive good, though it may not always be immediate, the good always comes. In troubling times, it can be difficult to remain positive and do good deeds, however, the belief that good will eventually come my way can help me through any challenges I face. Lastly, there is collaboration, which refers to the nature of a relationship and shared decision-making (Langer & Lietz, 2014). My significant other is the one person I can turn to and know that any problem that I am faced with we can work through together as a team.


Langer, C. L., & Lietz, C. (2014). Applying theory to generalist social work practice. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated.




The three strengths perspective is strengths, resilience, hope, cultural identity and collaboration. Strength is a big one for me, I’ve been through so much in my life and I believe that with the strength of God I was able to conquer it. I needed Gods strength to get me through loosing my dad and brother, Strength to make it through being molested at a young age and strength when I fought and still fighting depression. Resilience is another big one for me it was tough processing the death of the two people I loved, But it also had to come with forgiveness as well for some of the things I experienced in the past because of them. I try to always remain hopeful in every situation, I believe hope and trust go hand in hand. I am very hopeful that I will succeed in life and make my family proud, as I set the example for My daughter. Cultural identity and collaboration is I’m African American mixed with Italian, I’m 28 old female and practice Christianity.

Michaiah Horne


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