You Will Complete An Analysis Of The “General Motors: Packard Electric Division” Case. Below Are The Steps In The Case Analysis Process. You Should Complet

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 You will complete an analysis of the “General Motors: Packard Electric Division” case. Below are the steps in the case analysis process. You should complete all steps and submit answers for steps 3-6 only to the Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment box is linked to Turnitin.) 1. Determine if the case deals with a specific problem, is organized around an explicit decision, expresses a judgment, or requires the application of specific rules. 2. Apply the case study process. a. Read the opening and closing paragraphs to determine the big picture and the specific information needed. b. Scan headings and read sections with valuable information. c. Examine exhibits and illustrations. 3. Develop a solid hypothesis. Provide evidence from the case, including exhibits, to support your hypothesis. 4. Explain what actions are necessary. To do this, read the case and gather support for your hypothesis. 5. Defend why your hypothesis is better than the other alternatives. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your hypothesis and the alternatives? 6. Explain what follow-on actions are required.  

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